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Tecnoglas HG brochure spread

Tecnoglas HG brochure illustration

Tecnoglas HG brochure cover

Tecnoglas HG brochure


TECNOglas HG website


TECNOglas HG brochure and website

TECNOglas HG is a product which is new to Australia but has proven itself as a standout product in Europe over the past decade. ┬áTZ Sydney North, a subsidiary of TZ Austria, is supplying this product to Australian cabinetmakers and architects. TECNOglas HG is a high gloss surface with a high scuff resistance, UV stability, chemical resistance and eco credentials. It provides a ‘piano varnish’ finish you can’t get with other products. We were asked to design this sales brochure and website to promote the product here in Australia.

Visit the TECNOglas HG website.